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June 20, 2009
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Choosing The Right Roof

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Metal Roofing Gets Rebate In Atlanta

Good news! Your Energy Star Cool Metal Roofing system purchased in 2008 qualifies for a Federal Tax Credit! And, all Cool Metal Roofing systems purchased in 2009 will qualify for Federal Tax Credit for the 2009 tax period. You owe it to yourself to be enjoying energy saving|green} roofing! Be sure to check out other Energy Star benefits from local Georgia Power Company.More green roofing choices. Get guiding tips on roof selection in Atlanta

Here in Georgia, we are often asked, "What is Green Roofing?" In a nutshell, green can be generally defined as reuse, reduce and recycle.

Reduce energy usage, for you. Every little kilojoule makes a difference, and it all piles up. Reduce pollutants in the air, water, and buildings indoors, as well as air, water, and land outdoors. Reduce material wastage. The important thing here is to ensure that any material is recycled or used again for other purposes and is not wasted. More green roofing choices.

Reuse components, such as used cedar shingles which can be shredded into mulch and used on nature trails, as well as residential landscaping. Because cedar decomposes, it doesn’t need to end up in a landfill. New recycling possibilities are being developed for used tar shingles. They can be milled and utilized as filler in private driveway asphalt mix. At this time, this is a very limited use, and there are plenty of asphalt roofs coming off and disposed in landfills. We prefer our customers to install their new sustainable, Energy Star Cool Metal Roofing material directly over their asphalt shingles. Slate roofing can be taken off, broken up, and utilized as landscaping gravel. If you remove a used metal roof, it can often be re-applied on sheds, or sometimes recycled in Atlanta. Find {help on roof choices in Atlanta

Recycle. Roofing metals are easy to recycle, and one can even get reimbursed for them at a scrap center. Most any plastic materials can also be recycled, but you will normally need to cart it to a recycle center in Atlanta. More green roofing choices.on Find Help click here.

We are dedicated to continuous improvement in our green practices to help improve our Atlanta environment. It is a continuous project, where every little bit helps. We’re becoming greener every day. We’re recycling the scrap rather than sending it to a waste dump. We’re using fuel efficient Hybrid vehicles. We’re adopted electronic office methods to conserve paper products. We’re doing routine roof measurements and material lists via satellite imaging rather than driving to the site. Satellite imaging saves gasoline and reduces toxic gases. Our green efforts have saved us money and cut down our costs. There are specific benefits to our environment, as well as the added satisfaction and value to our Atalnta clients.

For more helps on roof choices in Atlanta or on selecting the right roof for your Atlanta home click click here.

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Customer Loves New Metal Roof
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"Love my new metal roof"

I love my new metal roof. Southern Metal Roofing saved me lots of money. It is the answer to my prayers. I really needed roofing and this was definitely the way to go. It's a very pretty color and the money I'll save in cooling and heating costs will be nice to keep in my own pocket. It's also good for the environment because my shingles didn't have to come off and be thrown out. No hurting Mother Earth. And, I'll never have to re-roof again. Praise the Lord.

Margaret Wren

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Choosing The Right Roof

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