Proper Attic Ventilation

What Proper Attic Ventilation Can Mean For Your Home

While building codes in many regions do not require that there is ventilation in an attic space, it is a big ideal. Ventilation can significantly reduce the chance of a number of issues occurring, which then can save you a lot of repair costs in the long term. Taking the proper steps that you need to ensure that your attic space is properly set up is well worth the effort.Attic Ventilation

One of the main reasons that this should be done is to reduce the chance that moisture will build up in the space. Moisture can quickly lead to mold growth, which of course can be hazardous to your health. It can also put the integrity of all organic materials at risk. Over time this could lead to needing to perform major repairs to remove and replace rotten beams.

Another major benefit is that you can save a great deal of money on your energy costs. When the ventilation system is set up properly, it can keep your attic cooler during the summer months and drier during the winter. Because heat rises you do not want to lose that heat during the winter, but you do not want the temperature difference to allow for a buildup of moisture. During the summer, however, you want that heat to escape as to not build up in the rest of the home. In addition to reducing heating and cooling costs, you will save money by having to have your systems repaired and replaced. The less work they have to do through the season the longer they will last.

By keeping the attic drier during the winter, you will also be preventing what is known as ice dams. This is caused by the process of snow repeatedly thawing and freezing in the eaves of the roof. Over time this can lead to serious damage to the roof’s shingles and even its underlayment. Having the proper ventilation system can keep this from occurring and damaging your roof.

Attic ventilation is not something that many people think about, but it can mean the difference of spending thousands of dollars year after year on repairs or not. Having a professional take a look at your attic and let you know what you could expect in getting up to speed is well worth the time and will surely save you money in the end.

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